Warranty & Returns

Can I Return My Product?

We accept all returns that have been tested before use within 30 days. If you have found any problems with your device, accessories or glass while testing it, please give us a call at (604-300-5787) (1-800-301-1950) and explain what the issue is and we will give further instructions.

Passed 30 Days?

Your vaporizer or product has broke and is not working after our 30 day return policy? We can help refer you how to get warranty from the manufacture as quick as possible!

Warranty Applies To:

Vaporizers Battery Dead on Arrival
Vaporizer Heating Broken On Arrival
Glass Broken On Arrival
Accessories Broken On Arrival

Does Not Apply To:

Used Wax Atomizers
Used Herbal Vaporizers
Used Glass
Used Accessories

(Please TEST your product before using it! Make sure your device's atomizer heats up and works properly before adding your product to the atomizer, heating chamber or glass bowl. We can open up your Glass or Vaporizer and test it for you before shipping it. Please email or call/text us if you would like your vaporizer to be tested before being shipped out)

Final Sale Products

Odor Elimators
Clearance Sale Products

Customers with vaporizers broken or dead on arrival must submit a claim to (Sales@CanadianHeadyGlass.ca) within 7 days to receive the fastest replacement time.